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I am currently a content marketing consultant, writer and college lecturer on storytelling and marketing. Most recently I was the Chief Marketing Officer of the Linux Foundation, a worldwide non-profit that advances and protects the Linux operating system and other open source software projects. As a founding management team member of the Linux Foundation, I helped grow the business to a $50m a year entity with 150 employees and have worked to establish the brand as one of the most trusted names in open source software.
I have been involved in many of the technology world’s most disruptive technologies, from launching Java in 1996 to driving open source strategy and marketing for Linux. I’ve also worked with such brands as Chevron, Cisco, Sun Microsystems and a host of venture backed software start-ups. Much of my work has been on the forefront of content marketing: I have written and produced videos that have received millions of views and our brand content reaches well over one million people per month. I have won awards for my marketing and communications work and am often quoted on technology, corporate culture and marketing topics in the press.

I love to grow projects, teams and companies and help them operate at their authentic best. I am fascinated by the productivity that can be achieved through trusting and empowering people and using the science of happiness to unlock potential.

I am also a published fiction writer and have an MFA in creative writing. Storytelling and content marketing combine my professional experience with my love of fiction. I live in Oakland. Please get in touch if I can help.

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